Do You Need a Taxi Cab Accident Injury Attorney?


taxi accident personal injury

Taxi and transportation companies automatically assume liability for the safety of their passengers the moment their fare enters the vehicle.

While most taxi and transportation drivers operate their vehicle responsibly, we have all seen on occasion taxi and transportation drivers taking liberties or chances on our roads and highways that may be deemed unsafe or even dangerous.

For taxi drivers it is often all about the "next fare." This often results in going over the speed limit, taking cellular phone calls or texts about other potential customers while driving, weaving in and out of traffic, or even missing road signs and signals due to other distractions. The fact is that these actions compromise the safety of their passenger as well as other motorists and pedestrians.


As a passenger in a taxi cab, limousine, or other private transportation vehicle if your driver is involved in an accident or crash, you have a legal right to seek compensation for injuries and damages sustained as a result. Due to the liability taxi and private transportation companies must assume, they must ensure all licenses, insurance, and other necessary documents are current at all times.