Slip and Fall Injury Attorney

slip and fall personal injuryAt one time or another, we have all seen news footage of a person seeking a "big payday" by faking a slip and fall accident, and we all have a good laugh at the poor acting.

The truth is thousands of people throughout the country actually sustain real injuries each day due to unsafe and dangerous conditions that exist at a commercial or residential property.


The law requires property and business owners to always maintain a safe material environment to ensure the safety of visitors of the property. If a safety hazard does exist, the property or business owner has a legal responsibility to clearly mark off the unsafe area to divert visitors away from the unsafe area, and make prompt repairs and/or clean up the area.

Unsafe and dangerous conditions that commonly cause slip and fall accidents and injuries include, but are not limited to:

  • Leaks and Wet floors;
  • Unmarked Hazards;
  • Broken Steps;
  • Poorly Maintained Floors;
  • Foreign Substances on Floors;
  • Out-of-Code Stairs and Railings;
  • Damaged or Cracked Walkways;
  • Products Falling from Shelves in Stores;
  • Defective Stairways;
  • Railing Failures;
  • Poor Lighting or Lights Burned Out;
  • Unsafe Conditions at Malls, Markets, Office Buildings, and Retail Stores;
  • Snow Covered or Icy Sidewalks and Parking Lots.

When a person is injured in a slip and fall accident due to the negligence or carelessness of a property or business owner, the injuries are real, the pain is real, and the burdens placed on the victim and their families are real.