Have You Suffered a Recent Bicycle Accident Injury?

bicycle accident personal injuryIn recent years, the use and sales of bicycles have increased dramatically. Children have always enjoyed riding a bike as an activity and independence in getting to and from school, a friend's home or the store. With the escalating cost of gas, the "green movement" and an increased emphasis on physical health, adults have taken up bike riding in ever-growing numbers as an activity or even as transportation to and from work.



Some people would say it's just the "law-of-numbers", meaning more bike riders equal more accidents involving motor vehicles and bicyclists. The truth is, most bicycle accidents involving a motor vehicle are the fault of the motor vehicle operator.

Running traffic lights, illegal turns, drinking and driving, aggressive driving, or simply not being vigilant to their surroundings... these are all still common causes of bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles.

However, there are two factors that have risen to the top as the cause of many bicycle accidents involving a motor vehicle:

  • Cellular Phone use while a motorist is driving.
  • Motor vehicle operators ignoring the posted safety markings while at intersections or while trying to re-enter the road while exiting parking lots and businesses.

Typically prominently painted with a thick white line on the pavement, the purpose of posted safety markings is to ensure motor vehicles do not cause injury, harm, or present a danger to pedestrians and bike riders by blocking the sidewalk or pedestrian/bicyclist crosswalk areas.

The failure of a motorist to observe all traffic laws can result in severe or catastrophic injuries for a bike rider. The Skiver Law Firm aggressively represents the legal rights and goals of bicyclists who are injured due to the negligence or carelessness of another.