Catastrophic Auto Accident and Personal Injury Attorney

The Skiver Law Firm, represents the legal rights and goals of catastrophic injury victims of an auto accident or other personal injury accident or incident in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Central Arizona.


When people are involved in an auto accident, they may be subjected to injuries that are considered "catastrophic injuries".

Catastrophic injuries are the highest degree of injury. Catastrophic injuries are types of injuries that leave the victim with permanent physical, numerological, or psychological damage. This means the victim will have to live with this physical, numerological, or psychological condition or other directly resulting additional conditions for the rest of their lives. Catastrophic injuries can also directly result in, or directly lead to the untimely loss of life of the victim as well.

Catastrophic injury victims often must endure many various types of surgeries, rehabilitation, physical therapy, and a permanent diminished quality of life.

Some catastrophic injury victims may even require physical assistance for the rest of their lives, and/or must rely upon a legal guardian to make future life and financial decisions for them.

Examples of Catastrophic injuries may include, but a certainly not limited to:

  • Brain Injuries that cause Permanent Damage;
  • Life-Threatening and Permanently Disfiguring Burns;
  • Permanent Muscular System Damage;
  • Permanent Nervous System Damage;
  • Paralysis or Loss of Limb;
  • Broken and Shattered Bones, Joint Injuries, Ligament and Tendon Damage where the injuries cannot be completely repaired through surgery, longterm physical therapy, or rehabilitation;
  • Loss of Hearing or Sight; and
  • Death.