Brain Injury Lawyer

When an individual is the victim of an accident or incident that causes a serious or traumatic brain injury, the law allows the victim to seek compensation for injuries and other damages that may apply to his or her case.

Brain Injuries Reasons Where Liability May Be Established

  • A Car or Motor Vehicle Accident;
  • A Slip or Fall Accident;
  • The result of physical violence;
  • The result of Medical Errors in Diagnosis, Treatment, or Inaction;
  • The result of Negligence or Abuse, in a Nursing Home Facility or Care Center;
  • Forceful shaking (most common in babies and young children).
    Or any other accidents or incidents that cause forced trauma to the head.

Brain injuries may be mild to severe, and the effects may be temporary to long term or even permanent. Depending upon the severity of the brain injury, it could lead to brain damage.

The Skiver Law Firm aggressively fights for brain injury victims in an effort to ensure they are fairly compensated for everything to which they are entitled under the law.