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When people are involved in an auto accident, they may be subjected to injuries that are considered "traumatic injuries".

Traumatic injuries are a degree of injury that leave the victim with short-term injuries that are repairable and heal over time. While the pain and suffering may still be substantial, traumatic injuries do not typically last for long-term periods of time or diminish the quality of life for the injury victim past the normal healing period for the specific injuries sustained.

This does not mean the injury claim is not worth much, it often means the experience of your legal counsel may be extremely important so that you are not taken advantage of by the insurance company that is involved.

Traumatic injury victims must sometimes still have to endure one or more surgical procedure and be subjected to rehabilitation and physical therapy. Time missed from work and medical bills due to your injuries may often be issues in an auto accident traumatic injury case.

Examples of Traumatic injuries may include, but a certainly not limited to:

  • Broken Bones, Joint Injuries, Ligament and Tendon Damage that is repairable;
  • Cuts, Contusions, and Badly Scrapped of Skin;
  • Moderate Burns;
  • Moderate Brain Injuries that cause Short-Term Damage that the victim does have the ability to recover from;
  • Moderate Muscle or Muscular System Damage that the victim will have the ability to recover from;
  • Temporary Nervous System Damage that the victim will have the ability to recover from;
  • Short-Term Temporary Paralysis that the victim will have the ability to recover from;
  • Short Term Temporary Loss of Hearing or Sight.