Auto Accident Disability Injury Attorney

The Skiver Law Firm, represents the legal rights and goals of auto accident disability injury victims in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Central Arizona.


If an auto accident or motor vehicle accident victim is injured in a severe manner that the injured victim is deemed to be disabled, this is a significant factor in an auto accident injury liability claim.

A victim that is rendered disabled as a result of an auto accident or other motor vehicle accident is considered to have a diminished quality of life. Even more significant is if the disability is considered permanent.

Some of the factors for determining the amount of compensation and punitive damages an injury victim may lawfully seek against the at fault party in an auto or motor vehicle accident or crash is "diminished quality of life" and the victims "ability to work" in his or her chosen profession.

Auto Insurance Carriers will often try to lesson the blow to their pockets by arguing that the victim will be taken care of financially through disability payments. This could not be further from the truth.

As  aggressive auto accident and injury liability attorneys, The Skiver Law Firm will stand up to these insurance carriers and diligently fight for your rights and interests. Being on disability is not an acceptable excuse for insurance companies to take advantage of individuals that have been injured as a direct result of their insurance policy holders negligence, carelessness, or recklessness.