We Address Your Most Important Questions and Concerns

Those who have been hurt by the neglectful actions of another often feel alone and overwhelmed. We get it—during this difficult time, it is understandable to have many questions and concerns, and it can be hard to know where to find the answers you need. In our FAQs, our experienced injury trial lawyers take the time to share their thoughts on many of your most common questions and worries. Even if you don’t see your question here, we can still help. Call our Scottsdale office or take a moment to fill out our online contact form for a prompt response from our team.

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  • What types of cases do we handle here at The Skiver Law Firm?

    We handle a wide variety of cases. Anything from medical malpractice, to nursing home negligence, tractor trailers or big rigs or 18 wheelers, as well as if you were injured while riding a motorcycle. We handle all types of serious injury catastrophic loss. We also handle things such as the loss of a limb or paraplegia. We also handle any type of injury like a traumatic brain injury or something that has changed your life as you know it. We’ll be happy to take your case all the way to trial and obtain a verdict for you to make our community safer.

  • Can you get treatment for your injuries if you do not have health insurance?

    People that are injured in accidents may wonder if they can get treatment even if they don’t have health insurance. There are caring doctors throughout the state who are willing to provide that treatment and wait to be paid so that the victims of these accidents and crashes can get the treatment that they need to get better. We work with many of these doctors to make sure that our clients are taken care of and can get back to health while we pursue their claim to try and get them justice.

  • How do we determine if medical malpractice has actually occurred?

    Complications bad outcomes in and of themselves don’t mean that there has been malpractice. However, they are often the first sign there may indeed be evidence of a violation of a safety rule. So it’s important to do, is you look through the records. Consult with experts. Make a determination what actually occurred and by doing that we can determine whether or not safety rules were violated.

  • What types of cases does The Skiver Law Firm accept?

    When dealing with medical malpractice it’s important to evaluate the case from the stand point of the damages that have occurred to you but also to its impact upon our community in general. It’s important that when the verdict comes back from the jury room that a clear message is sent to the defendants that this type of activity of breaking of safety rules is not acceptable in our community. And that’s the type of case, it has two-fold impact, both on yourself your damages and on the community and how it interacts with the defendants.

  • What should you do after you’ve been in a car accident?

    The first thing you need to do is make sure that you are ok and everyone else in your car is ok. The next thing you need to do is to call 911 to make sure that the police and other emergency personal respond to the scene. After you’ve done that and if it’s safe for you to do so you should get out of your vehicle and take pictures of the crash scene so that you have them for the future. Next thing you want to do is locate any witnesses that may have been around and seen what occurred, get their contact information so we can get ahold of them in the future. Finally, after you speak to the police and tell them what happened in the crash you need to find a personal injury attorney and that’s when we can come into the picture and help you.

  • How to find the best attorney?

    You may be wondering how do I find the best attorney? Attorneys are not allowed to advertise themselves as being the best attorney. The most important thing to do is find an attorney who works well with you. Someone that you feel comfortable with because you’re going to be working with them over the next several months if not several years of your life dealing with this. And we understand that this is going to be one of the toughest times in your life and we will work with you to try to bring you closure and get you justice for your case.

  • Do I need a Lawyer?

    You may be asking yourself, do I need a lawyer? That’s a question that only you can answer. The things that you need to consider when deciding whether to hire an attorney or not, is whether the injuries that you’ve suffered are serious. Whether you feel comfortable dealing with the insurance companies. One of the things that you need to remember is the insurance companies main goal is to pay out as little as possible. They are trying to increase their profits for their shareholders. So with that in mind they are obviously going to do everything that they can to prevent you from getting a full recovery. It’s our job as personal injury attorneys to make sure that you get justice and get full and fair compensation for the injuries that you’ve suffered.

  • How long do you have to bring a claim for the injuries that you’ve suffered?

    The statute of limitations in Arizona is two years. Which means that you have two years to file your lawsuit to bring the claim for the injuries that you suffered.

  • How soon should you contact an attorney?

    You should contact an attorney as quickly as possible.

    It allows us to get involved and get to work for you, to make sure that we collect all of the evidence, locate all the witnesses before they disappear. The sooner that we can get involved the better chance we’ll have at prosecuting your claim for you to make sure that you get the justice that you deserve.

  • What is Medical Malpractice?

    electrocardiogram medical malpractice AZWhat is medical malpractice? The simple truth is, it is what happens to us when doctors and nurses don’t follow the safety rules.

    What are safety rules? We’ve all grown up with safety rules, we know what they are: don’t play with fire, don’t run out into traffic. Professionals also have their own set of safety rules and those safety rules are designed to protect the community and each one of us from injury and death. Doctors and nurses must follow safety rules.